Fail forward

I wasn't always the strong, confident woman I am now. 
My life changed pretty drastically in 2015 when I went to what I call mindset school, through Growth-U.
Before I went to mindset school everyday to me was an emergency. After I got divorced I was just happy if I made it to the end of a day and nothing bad happened. I didn't have any specific goals or dreams. I was just going from one day to the next. 
I had spent a lot of time on my physical body, eating healthy and working out, but my mind clearly needed work. Mindset school helped me think about my longterm vision, where I was going and what my "Why" was. Once I became clear on that everything started to change. I realized there was a little entrepreneur in me waiting to emerge and I had been playing it safe for too long.
I prayed to get uncomfortable and quickly learned that you should be careful what you wish for!

I created Nine Lives Health & Mind because it is my mission and obligation to inspire others to LEAP, fail forward, keep pressing on and live life to the fullest. 

Cats obviously don't have nine lives, however, they received their reputation for reincarnation due to their ability to jump and land on their feet. They aren't afraid to take a leap of faith because they know they'll land safe and sound.
Here at Nine Lives we JUMP, we LAND, and we always move FORWARD.
If you don't have failures you don't have successes. Talk to anyone who's success you envy and you can bet your bottom dollar they've had more failures than you. Don't be afraid to fail and try something new, knowing you have nine lives and endless opportunity to start again. 

WHY ||

    How we feel impacts everything we do. When you feel your best physically you can perform better in all  areas of life. 

  • MIND
    Our minds, like our physical muscles, have to be exercised. Positive thoughts aren't always natural, we must make a conscious effort to continuously plant seeds of positivity in our subconscious.

    We can choose in any moment, any hour, any day to start anew. The past doesn't have to equal the future. Make a conscious effort to leap toward success.  

    Embrace failure knowing each failure is one step closer to success. Failure is your chance to start again more intelligently whether it be something as small as a meal, a workout or a misspoken word or something as big as a career change or huge move. Is failure even real or just an opportunity to make you stronger and your success that much sweeter?


Take a LEAP today and LAND on your feet.

How would you live if you had nine lives?