A NINETY DAY MENTORSHIP program CREATED by a nurse for nurses.

Access to content not released anywhere else and PERSONALIZED to your individual needs. weekly meetings (virtually) to provide you with the support and guidance you need to take control of your life.

My STory

Nurses Inspire Nurses

This program was birthed out of my own struggle with nursing. It was a freezing cold, snowy Friday afternoon in January. I was feeling utterly alone, sobbing in a grocery store parking lot to be exact. I was pushing a grocery cart full of milk for my boyfriend’s coffee shop that I couldn't move in the snow, a couple hours before I was supposed to work a Friday night shift. It was one of those moments you never want to live again. I literally stood there thinking, “I’m made for more than this.” I honestly didn’t know where to turn. I was taking care of everyone else but not myself.

There are moments in our life when everything shifts and this was one of them. I hired a coach not long after the grocery store meltdown and everything shifted. I changed my mindset around work, I ended up switching units and schedules, I started to choose gratitude and took control of my life.  

I know you’ve had dark moments and hard days. I also know you were made for more and I can’t wait to uncover the woman inside of you that is screaming to come out and shine. It’s time to leap.

What to expect:

More energy

Increased confidence

No longer dreading work and decreased anxiety

A healed relationship with time
(i.e. no more feeling behind or like you’re not where you should be)

Alignment of your current situation with your career goals

Confidence to say NO and do what’s best for you

One hundred percent belief you’re on the right path

Mentor’s role:

Help mentee see situation from an outside perspective

Challenge mentee’s limiting beliefs

Hold mentee accountable to their goals

Provide support & encouragement

Nurses Inspire Nurses

This program is for you if…

you’ve been a nurse for a couple years but are already sick of the profession or your current job

You don’t want to go back to school but you can’t picture staying in your current situation

You STRUGGLE to know what else you would even like to do so you’re not sure where to start looking for a DIFFERENT job

You feel like work sucks up all of your energy so by the time you work your required shifts you have nothing left for your own personal DEVELOPMENT, health or goals

You’ve had thoughts like, “this isn’t really that bad. I need to stick it out. It’ll get better.” But it never does.

You’ve tried or are trying some kind of personal development without great results and feel like you need something more personalized

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