The Nurse Whisperer

I became a nurse in 2012 after completing my BSN at University of Colorado. I've always worked in pediatrics, first at Children's Hospital Colorado and now at Children's Hospital of Michigan. I've done home nursing and wellness clinics with the Michigan Association of Chiropractors and the VNA.

While I do still work per diem at CHM and the VNA, my true passion lies in helping nurses take care of their soul as they so graciously give of themselves to everyone else.
I am the self proclaimed Nurse Whisperer and it is my life's purpose to embrace my true BEing and inspire others to do the same. 

I provide nurses with a centralized community of support and a variety of tools that provide structure to their day and their mindset. They have reported more than a 20% increase in how present they feel in their daily interactions with other people and overall happiness throughout the day. 

If you're a nurse looking for more purpose and presence in your job and to live a life you love just as much at work as you do at home then you are in the right place. 

Nurse Give Back Night

A night for you! You're the real MVP!
Come get pampered, feel appreciated and connect with other nurses. 
We'll have spa treatments, manicures, henna, oils, treats, life coaching and a whole lot of fun! 

Cost is only $12 and then individual services are charged at the discretion of the service provider
(all services will be discounted or free)

Thursday, July 19th
Location: Tribe Detroit
Time: Open house format between 6-9pm
(Giveaways close at 6:30pm, come on time!)


Ever feel awkward talking to your parents, spouse or kids about work? I've definitely been there!
 Join our free community of people who just get it, won't be grossed out by your stories and who speak your language. 
We're uncensored, real, and here to support your journey of BEing and nourishing your soul while you brave the crazy waters of being a healthcare worker. 


The inner circle launches August 1st

If you're looking for more support in your nursing journey this is for you!

What does it include? 

  • Themed package mailed after the first of the month
  • Package includes physical item (related to that month's theme), intention card, & healthy snack
  • Exclusive access to mindset videos also related to the monthly theme and digital downloads geared towards helping you put your new positive thoughts and insights into action

Workshop & online course

Wild & Free
Love your life just as much at work as you do at home by adding more presence and purpose to your day.

One day workshop & Course will cover similar content
We have something for nurses near and far
Both coming Fall 2018

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