Leap Land Live


How is it already 2018? I'm not quite sure! 

I loved everything about 2017, the good days and the bad. I grew expotentially as a person and had my most successful year of entrepreneurship yet, not to mention I met the love of my life. 
Don't think for a second that everything was all sunshine and roses because it definitely wasn't. However, I've learned a lot of lessons in my thirty-three years that have helped me turn the hard times into learning lessons and honestly laugh at how crazy life is at times and know this too shall pass. I've been able to be present and appreciate the little things more and that has truly been the greatest gift. 

In 2017 I chose the word TRUST. I wanted to trust in my ability to forge a new path, be content just being me and trust my instincts when it came to life, love, and business.
I did all of these things and it was truly magical. 


This year I chose the word IMAGINE because I know that if I can imagine something I can create it. Every year I am convinced more and more just how important our mindset is and that what we think we ultimately manifest. When I'm stressed I know I can imagine being in a more calm state and get there. I imagine goals I've set for my business, my relationships, my physical body and how I go about my day. 
Now imagination without action isn't worth anyone's time. However, the opposite is also true. In the past I was so focused on taking action that I forgot where I was going or why I was doing the things I was doing. Have you ever heard the saying, "In a hurry going nowhere."? That was me!
Thankfully, we alway have the ability to choose and change and evolve. There's no time like the present! 

I would challenge you when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. Imagine the life you want to live, how you speak, how you carry yourself and then work tirelessly on putting those images into reality. 

When we don't give our subconscious minds a target it will shelter us, keep us safe and have us going places that most likely don't serve us. Our minds can't differentiate between when it's good to take a risk or when we shouldn't, it's job is to keep us safe. 

I've always been a pretty logical, by the book, check items off of my to-do list person but as I get older I find myself being drawn more and more toward imagination and manifesting miracles.
I'm excited for a new challenge and cannot wait for all 2018 has in store. 

I would love to hear what words you're taking with you in 2018! 



LEAP and take a chance when I'm scared

LAND either face first or confidently on my feet
(either way I learned something!)

LIVE an apologetic and abundant life. 


Thank you to Aubrey Grace Photography for these photos.