Personalized Individual Coaching

Whether you want to lose five pounds or fifty pounds, have more energy, feel better at work or are just looking for a change I would love to work with you. After working with individuals from all walks of life and from my own personal experience I've learned that we're often quick to put ourselves last. Take control of your health and mindset and start living your best life today. 

Healthy Happy Hour 

Healthy Happy Hour

Are you a business owner that would love to provide healthy options for your employees or clients?

Hosting a healthy happy hour is a great way to introduce people to excellent nutrition in a fun and laid back environment. 
Isagenix has simple, affordable options for people from all walks of life - high level executives, busy moms, entrepreneurs, athletes and even kids! 
When we feel better physically we perform better in all areas of life. 


Weight loss club 

Did you know the health and wellness industry is bigger than the movie and music industry combined?
We are all on a quest to look and feel our best with weight loss being at the top of that list for many people. Support and consistency, along with the right nutrition, is key to weight loss success. 
Would you like to start a weight loss club at your office or gym? 
Take advantage of a six week program brought right to your door step involving all things fitness, nutrition and mindset. 

Be You Campaign

The Be You Campaign

The Be You Campaign is a journey of self discovery and growth. Are you willing to get uncomfortable? Growth can't happen if you aren't willing to dig deep, experience change and get a little wild. The purpose of the Campaign is to help women embrace their one true self. The weird, the ugly, the quirky, the silly, the intellectual, the absurd...all of it!
There is only one of YOU, time to embrace it!

The Be You Campaign can be coordinated virtually, in person or a combination of both. There are two versions of the curriculum available, one for adults and the other for girls ages ten to fourteen. 

Check out previous Campaigns done in partnership with ivivva and The Simple Kitchen here. 


Host an Event

Building community and networking is a great way to expand your business and meet other people in the industry! 
I would love to help you coordinate any event related to health and wellness. 

Host An Event

Have a health or mindset event idea of your own? Reach out with ideas here