Denver to Detroit

After graduating college at the ripe age of twenty-one I moved back home, to Wayne, to live in my parent's basement. I was working at the mall and suffering through another midwest winter.
I will never forget when I got in my car one morning to go to work I discovered that indeed my car could read negative temperatures! After visiting a friend in Denver on a complete whim I happened to get a job offer. I decided to head to the Mile High City just in time for my twenty second birthday and started working for a nonprofit in the city. That spur of the moment weekend trip changed the entire course of my life. I'm forever grateful I decided to take a chance and embarked on that amazing adventure.

I lived in Denver from 2007 to 2016.
Over the course of those nine years I met the sister I never had, Nicole.
I ended up going back to college and got a nursing degree. 
I got married and divorced. My brother moved to Denver after my divorce and we lived together for three years.
I officially became a yogi and fitness enthusiast. I found the most amazing nutrition on this planet and started my Isagenix business.
I learned to ski, camp in the mountains and hike fourteeners.
I met some of my closest friends and some of the most amazing women I know. 
Denver will always have a special place in my heart and who knows just may call me back one of these days.
Thoughts of sunny days in the Mile High City and those mountains ever present to the west always put a smile on my face.
There's really no place like it.

No matter how beautiful Denver was and all the things I absolutely loved about living there a part of my heart was always in Detroit. Michigan memorabilia sprinkled my apartment and I always wore my Detroit shirts while working at the hospital. Anyone who knew anything about me knew I  loved Detroit. 

                                                                                                        Mug from  Kiloh & Co.  

                                                                                                       Mug from Kiloh & Co.

Apparently I like to move in time for my birthday and so right in time to be thirty-one I headed home. My mom and I drove my Civic back to Michigan while drinking way too much coffee and singing to the radio. I'll never forget that trip. I was waiting to cry, change my mind or feel an overwhelming sense of sadness but it never came. I knew in my heart Detroit was calling me home. I took a travel nursing position at Children's Hospital of Michigan and continued to do my Isagenix business.
I didn't know exactly what the future would hold but I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 

I'm almost two years in and while I miss Denver, especially during the dark dreary rainy days, I couldn't be happier to be home. I work per diem as a pediatric nurse, run my Isagenix business and host multiple fitness events here in the city (check my calendar!). I've found an amazing gym, yoga studio, the best coffee, bomb restaurants, my favorite human and connected with some of the most genuine people I've ever met.

They say life never goes how we plan and for that I'm grateful.

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Thank you to Aubrey Grace Photography for these amazing photos.