IsaLean Shakes

                                       How cute is this glass from  The Love Bomb Company ?!

                                      How cute is this glass from The Love Bomb Company?!
  • Superior Protein
    All Isagenix shakes have undenatured whey protein. This protein is derived from grass fed cows, milked in season, with no hormones or antibiotics. The filtering process for this type of protein preserves, fragile, yet powerful biologically active peptides that are already naturally occurring in whey. All shakes are soy and gluten free. All IsaLean shakes are a full meal replacement with 24g of protein. 

  • Nutrient Rich
    All essential nutrients for a complete meal with a low glycemic index. No artificial flavor, colors, or sweeteners. Each shake has 240 calories.
  • Raw Material Identification
    What does that mean? When the whey protein comes into the facility, testing is done to make sure that what the label says is actually going into the shake is indeed in it, down to every last amino acid. 
  • Safety Tested
    Every ingredient is tested for heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. This is truly CLEAN EATING. In truth a lot of times even organic foods have herbicides and pesticides. Since Isagenix shakes have a two year shelf life they can’t have any microbial activity to make sure the products are absolutely clean. 
  • Dairy Free
    Isagenix has three dairy free protein options - Vanilla Chai, Rich Chocolate and Berry Harvest. These shakes are made with brown rice and pea protein and packed with 24g of protein and 250 calories per shake. There are also dairy free bar options available.

I love mixing my shakes with almond milk and powdered peanut butter. YUM!