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I became a nurse in 2012 after completing my BSN at University of Colorado. I've always worked in pediatrics, first at Children's Hospital Colorado and now at Children's Hospital of Michigan. I also do wellness & flu clinics and phone assessments with the Michigan Community VNA.

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I originally became a nurse after my best friend in Denver had a daughter who was born with spina bifida. After growing up in Michigan I moved to Colorado on a whim after completing my first degree. I lived there for almost nine years to the day and then felt like Detroit was calling me home.

While I do still work per diem at CHM and the VNA, my true passion lies in helping nurses take care of their soul as they so graciously give of themselves to everyone else.
I am the self proclaimed Nurse Whisperer and it is my life's purpose to embrace my true BEing and inspire others to do the same. 

I provide nurses with a centralized community of support and a variety of tools that provide structure to their day and their mindset.

I founded the LEAP LAND LIVE Method, my personalized mentorship program, to help nurses find routine and stability in what is normally the chaos of nursing. I help them take control of their days, their mindset and their life and take a LEAP on their dreams.

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I also founded the #NursesInspireNurses movement because I believe we have the power to take control of our situation and make a change.

I was tired of complaining about poor staffing, working nights and waiting for someone to fix the problems on my unit. I believe if we all support each other we could make our workplaces better. This movement is as simple as making sure your co-worker gets lunch, helping with an admission or a bed change, or letting someone know how much you care. 

I also host monthly coffee talks and events locally to provide a safe place for nurses to verbalize their needs and receive support. 


My first degree is in business, I am a business woman at heart, however, I love adventure and sunshine. One of my favorite things to do is sit outside on a  hot summer day with an iced coffee with oat milk, reading my favorite book and soaking up the sun. I live in Michigan with my dog, Sir. And am currently figuring out the whole home ownership thing.

I'm obsessed with personal development, nurturing my soul, and helping others embrace their true BEing.

If you're a nurse looking for more purpose and presence in your job and to live a life you love just as much at work as you do at home then you are in the right place. 

Take a LEAP on your dreams, LAND confidently on your own two feet and LIVE a life by your own design.